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There are many occasions in life that immediately make us feel out of our depth. Some of us thrive on those moments, constantly looking for the next challenge to keep us stimulated. Some of us fear uncertainty and stay close to the shore and live in our comfort zone. It’s not fair to say that we can either tick one of these boxes or the other, because in reality, it completely depends on context. Your first day as the skinny guy in a weightlifting gym can make you feel puny, or inspired. Opening your arms to accept your first born from the midwife can send you running for the hills, or instantly turn you into the competent adult you need to be. Deciding if an integrated graphics card will suffice, or if you’re better spending the money on a solid state drive is enough for most people to shy away from computers entirely!

Fortunately, the human race is diverse and resourceful. Additionally, personal trainers, baby books and IT specialists are available in abundance. The challenging part, finding one you get on with, trust and can rely on. We don’t sell exercise bikes or write baby books. We will however, help you in every way possible when it comes to your IT requirements.

Thanks for your kind feedback Mr & Mrs Norton!

Dear Ali,

I would like to commend your technical support organisation and in particular the assistance we have received from James Stevenson. James’ patience, technical skills and dogged determination succeeded in getting our devices back on line despite major frustration from Telefonica,  and we are most grateful for his help.

Bill and Gunhild Norton.

Mobile gaming to the next level. Only €59

Screenshot_1This game changer is a new design wireless Bluetooth controller and support different android/ ios/ PC and etc games.
It can be used when connected with the Bluetooth mobile phone and without any drivers.
Built-in lithium battery, after charging can be sustainable long-term use, safe and stable.
The phone can be placed on the telescopic holder, convenient for playing games.
Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can be 6-8 meters wide range of control from the operation. User-friendly software designed to enter the power saving mode with no connection state. Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs.
Support Android 3.2, IOS 4.3 above systems.