The end Microsoft Works and Office Accounting   

Microsoft has begun telling UK customers that it will end sales of its Office Accounting product, according to a ZDNet report.

All Office Accounting products will be affected, including Express, Standard, Professional, Professional Plus, 3-user and Small Business Accounting. A Microsoft Office spokesperson said that the decision was prompted by an increasing overlap with functionality in the firm's other offerings. "After evaluating the product over the past few years we have determined that other Microsoft offerings, such as free templates in the Office system used with Excel and the Dynamics product, are able to meet our customers' needs," the spokesperson is reported as saying.
"The Office Small Business web site has links to free templates for small businesses, such as invoices, expenses, time sheets, budgets and more, and the Microsoft Small Business Center is also a great resource for small businesses."
Existing customers will still receive five years of free mainstream support, and a further five years of paid-for support, while companies that unwittingly bought the product recently can return it within 30 days, according to the report.

ALSO Microsoft finally ditches Works software saying that the 20 year-old package to be replaced with Office Starter 2010.
Office Starter is a cut down version of the firm's flagship productivity suite of applications, and will be supported by advertising. Microsoft Works has been around for more than 20 years and came pre-installed on home PCs. It was not a bad product other than the fact that users had to save everything in the Works format.
Office Starter 2010 will come pre-installed on many new Windows PCs, and will not have an expiration date. It will be usable for as long as customers can stand the advertising. The software is a crippled version of Office 2010 and has two functions: Word Starter and Excel Starter. Apparently these will have enough functions to allow users to do basic stuff. It does not include Outlook, OneNote or PowerPoint, but will be easy to upgrade to the full Microsoft Office product.


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