Why paid for Anti Virus software?   

You should keep your anti-viral software updated to give it as much software ammunition to fight off infection. The free versions of many of the leading Anti Virus products are at worst ineffective and generally only adequate, there are only a very few being described as good.

Did you know that between July and December 2009 Microsoft cleaned 7.8 million computers of rogue security software and this was a big increase compared with the 5.3 million in the first half of 2009. This year, 2010 is set to be a bigger year for organised crime groups to attack the poor old unsuspecting users, they have learned quickly that people will pay to have this software removed and know that when they do pay they will have access to Credit Card details with the required security codes and they can and will abuse it.
At Electronbox we are authorised resellers for PC Tools products, this includes the award laden Spyware Doctor with Anti Virus product as well as Internet Security 2010 and other AV based products like Firewall Plus, Spam Monitor and Privacy Guardian. PC Tools are also the supplier of Registry Mechanic, Disk Suite 2010 and Desktop Maestro for regular maintenance of your PCs software and hardware. We can supply you with a variety of software to keep the bad guys out of your machine.
A leading web security expert has said Online cyber criminals are becoming "more sophisticated" and computer users need to be as well protected as possible. Cliff Evans, Microsoft UK's head of security and privacy has said such criminals are linking up and using techniques they have borrowed from the regular software industry.
Many people are being fooled and their computers compromised by rogue Anti Virus programs where users receive a link telling the person they have some kind of infection on their computer and this software then opens the doors for all sorts of other infections. This malware (malicious software) is then asking users to buy anti-viral software using a credit card. Criminals then have a person's card details and then they can also use the infected machine to send spam to other people without the users knowledge, their machine then becomes part of what is called a botnet. This is a collection of compromised computers that is used to send spam, attack other machines (particularly secured networks) and other illegal activities using the resources of many machines to attack several hundred times per second. It is believed that some 94% of all spam comes from just five individuals' botnets which goes to show how effective they are.
Computer Worms are a major threat to businesses as well as individuals, this is where a piece of software works its way around the network looking for data like financial information without the user opening any files.
It really does make sense to get a good quality Anti virus program and as importantly to keep it up to date.


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