Getting an HD Ready TV?   

Looking to perhaps run your TV from a new PC or laptop and take advantage of the BluRay or HD DVD or TV content that your equipment has to offer? Even if you have a DVD player capable of HD or BluRay, perhaps an HD Ready satellite box then you may be disappointed with the results if buying a device simply labelled HD Ready.
Many people have bought HD Ready devices assuming that as they state HD Ready then once the HD broadcasts come you will be able to watch it in Full HD, or see the BluRay content from your DVD in its full glory on your TV or computer. What you do not get told is that although most HD Ready devices can receive a Full HD signal they can only display at 720p which is not in full HD, in fact HD Ready means that the device can receive a Full HD signal but it cannot display at Full HD resolution. You should also be aware that there is also an HD Ready 1080p that can receive a Full HD signal and although it will display at 1080p it does not have all the features of Full HD. A Full HD device is capable of receiving a Full HD signal and displaying at 1080p with all the Full HD Features.
There are several different HD Resolutions.
720i - 1280x720 interlaced
720p - 1280x720 progressive scan
1080i - 19201080 interlaced
1080p - 19201080 progressive scan
When buying any HD TV or device always check the screen resolutions and if you can't get 1080 move on, 720 is an improvement on normal TV but you won't get the wow factor associated with Full HD. You also need to know that if you try to play HD media on a HD Ready device the image is actually scaled down to suite the usual 720, so you are not only loosing quality because you cannot display the required resolution but also because of the down scaling process.


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