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Our aim is to provide you with a first class service

Personal and professional service second to none.


Whether you are using your computer at home or office, for personal use or work, you are always dependant on the data you have on your computer and a machine to process that data.

We have a number of slogans which sum up our aim.


”Whatever you want to do, you can’t buy time!” There are many things we can all do, but can you spend your time better and more effectively? We will make sure that you can spend more time using your IT equipment whilst devoting your time to your business. Time is gold and we need not say more. “We come to you wherever you are!” Can you afford the time and hassle of disconnecting your computer and moving it from your office to a computer shop to have it fixed and then go back to collect it only to find out that when you take it back, it has a different problem or you cannot connect to the internet? While we charge a small visit fee, you will agree that it is well worth it that we come to you. “Our clients call us German, we just call it quality and punctuality” Most of you by now have got used to the Spanish mentality of “mañana” and some of you are even surprised when we turn up on time.

Trust in us to help you build a safe and reliable IT solution


Our company takes Data Protection and your privacy very seriously. We are registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and fully comply with all existing legal requirements as laid out in the Spanish Data Protection Act.

Our Work Team

Ali Parandeh – Founder and Director

Ali created Electronbox 15 years ago. He has been well known on the coast for his consistent level of service. So many of Alis clients become friends for years due to his unquestionable service and attention. Ali believes that leaders lead from the front.

Amelia Martinez Hockley – Office Manager

I don’t know what we would do without such a stable hub. We all rely on Amelia in so many ways. Her organisation and communication skills and are the best in the business. Every client loves her, instantly!

José Barboza – Technician

This Venezuelan sure knows his stuff. Nobody works harder than Jose, he starts early and he leaves late. We wouldn’t be able to survive without such dedicated staff members like Jose!

Bas Buur – Lead Developer

Whatever you need, Bas can build it! With experience beyond his yeas Bas is a very talented programmer and developer. Bas has worked with Electronbox for many years remotely. 6 months ago he moved from Holland to Spain to become a permanent fixture.