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Call Out & Office Visits

We come to you wherever you are

They call it downtime because it is the same as throwing money down the drain. An employees dream and the employeers nightmare. Let us cut down your downtime and losses. Call us for standard or emergency call out. It is a lot cheaper than your downtime.

Internet Connection

4G, ADSL, Fiber Optic

No matter where you are, we will find the best solution for you. We don’t have our service so the good thing is that we find the best provider and service to suit your needs. From wireless, to ADSL or 4G Internet and Fiber Optic. We know the providers and their reputation. Don’t just take a chance, let us guide you!

Telephone Bill Reduction

Why pay more?

90% of the companies we visit are paying double or triple the amount they need to be paying for their telecom services.  Telecom operators change their products and price lists constantly, let us take a quick look and tell you how much you can SAVE! Would you say no to an extra €1000 in your pocket per year?


Landline, VoIP & Switchboards

New lines, handsets & more

Every managers nightmare and lifeline. Without it your company won’t exist and most people pay over the odds for the simplest solutions. Tell us what you need to do and we tell you what the best solutions are and at what prices. The choice will then be yours.

Invoice & CRM Software

Using Excel or Word for book keeping!

Centralize your data and simplify your work. Word and Excel are not for invoicing and book keeping. We provide you with a bespoke and user friendly online platform to track clients, communication, invoicing, expenses, petty cash and much more … A simple solution to get your business on the right track.

Business Support

Sign up to one of our service contracts!

Control your downtime and repair costs. If you need a service where you don’t have to worry about mounting costs, then you should consider a business support plan. There is no better insurance than to know where you stand and what to expect. Downtime is bad management.

Web Design, SEO & SMM

A pretty page is not enough any more

There are billions of websites out there and your website not only needs to stand out, but it needs to be unique and able to communicate your message to your customer in less than 30 seconds. However that’s not all, without marketing for your website all you have is just a pretty web page. We don’t just design, but we prepare your website for search engine optimization and help you all the way with the marketing.

Application Development

Need to improve efficiency at work?

All business are unique in their own ways and sometimes no software can meet your specific needs. We have specialized in creating bespoke software for our clients, from property management, CRM, Invoicing, Theatre ticketing and much more. Let us write the foundation code for your business.

Data Backup

Have you lost your data before?

It is not a matter of when but all hard disks and computers fail at some point or another. Do you have a backup? Forget external hard disks and manual backup. More than often, by the time you remember to do it, it is too late and your last copy is too old. Let us give you an unlimited online solution.