Cloud backup – better choice than cloud storage

  • Rapid Data Recovery via Hard Drive
  •  Account Security With 2 step verification – SMS & Authenticator Apps
  •  Locates your Computer
  •  Private Encryption Key
  •  All User Data Backed Up By Default – No Picking And Choosing
  •  Back Up Files Of Any Size
  •  From €10 per month !!

Relying solely on manual backups is like only wearing a seat belt when you expect to get into a car accident. Most of the time you won’t know when you will need a backup until you need it. When you are in the middle of an important project, you have many things on your mind, and making a manual backup probably won’t be one of them. Nor should it be, because we can easily automate the process so that it runs all the time without you thinking about it.

We have the leader in online backup solutions – Electronbox is using a new solution with a reputation of being super reliable with zero user involvement. We make sure all user data is backed up to massive off site storage by default, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to drag a file from your desktop into a designated folder.

If you need all your data recovered we are the only service that offers you a Rapid Restore option.  The backup and restore service is equally effective on both Windows and Apple PCs.

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