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Regardless of if you already have a program or you have just started your company, you will almost always need custom designed software that you will not find readily available on the market and even when you do, they are not a complete fit.

Some programs like those for E-mail can be obtained for free or a small fee, others like Microsoft Office come at a certain fee, but still only do a small part of the job like writing letters, creating presentations and using data in spread sheets.

However you will soon find that there are a number of other things that you want, which simple applications simply fail to provide you with.

Software for keeping an inventory of your stocks, or a client database that holds more than just addresses and telephone numbers, or an invoicing program that prints with your logo and works with your client database and is attached to your stock inventory.

Electronbox has a team of professional programmers who use various programming languages to provide you with just what you need. We can provide with the right software, PC or Cloud based and all its required. .NET Microsoft’s new programming platform. Our programming fees are extremely competitive and unbeatable compared to UK or other big companies.

Some of our custom designed software

The Cloud service for Communities, Administrators, (Urbytus)

Small Business Invoicing and CRM System.

Small Theatre Ticket Reservation & Sales system.

Online Software Development and Management System.

Several Software Tools for developers

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