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Call Out & Home Visits

We come to you wherever you are

Why bother yourself with unplugging and carrying heavy equipment from your home. We can come to you wherever you are and in most cases fix the problem there and then. Call us for a no obligation quote or request a technician for as little as €35 for a quick diagnostic.

Telephone Bill Reduction

Why pay more?

When was the last time you reviewed your telephone bill. Telephone operators change their product lines and price lists constantly. Prices that are constantly dropping and services that are constantly improving. Let us take a quick look and tell you how much you can SAVE! Would you say no to an extra €300 in your pocket per year?

Landline & Telefonica

New lines, handsets & more

The name of some operators sends shivers down our spine. We know them and we have worked with them. Let us take the headache of the equation, from ordering to setup, cabling and installation, we can help you.

Home Support

Do you have a car insurance?

If you own car, you know that a good insurance can save you a lot of money. A computer, like a car needs regular servicing and is prone to problems and breaking down. Don’t get caught with expensive repair bills. Don’t leave it until it is too late. Check out our different support plans for home users.


UK English Channel

Some of you live here permanently and some of you just come for short visits. If that’s the case, then you don’t want to be paying monthly fees while you are not here. There are simpler and other solutions without subscriptions.

Internet Connection

4G, ADSL, Fiber Optic

No matter where you are, we will find the best solution for you. We don’t have our service so the good thing is that we find the best provider and service to suit your needs. From wireless, to ADSL or 4G Internet and Fiber Optic. We know the providers and their reputation. Don’t just take a chance, let us guide you!

Data Backup

Have you lost your data before?

It is not a matter of when but all hard disks and computers fail at some point or another. Do you have a backup? Forget external hard disks and manual backup. More than often, by the time you remember to do it, it is too late and your last copy is too old. Let us give you an unlimited online solution.