March Update


– We have been advised about a recent spate of scamming activity which seems focussed on the Costa. Scammers are calling people, claiming they are from Microsoft or Apple, or even some other IT company, claiming they have found a virus on the user’s PC, because they “know” that the user logged in to a particular site. They then offer to clean the PC asking for up to €50 to do this. At the same time they ask and /or search for banking data on the PC. This is done in an apparent rush, the scammer using some clever mind games to panic the user into making rash decisions.
Of course it’s a crime and the police are aware. If any customer needs help or support, advice, or you want your PC checked out anyway, call the office on 952 591 071. We are happy to help you. If it happens to you we will also assist in passing what we find over to the local police.

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