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Online backup is a must! It only takes one random hard drive crash and you could lose all your files and documents.

Today computers are cheap and replaceable. In fact a computer equipment value can be written off in less than 3 three years. What is valuable in a computer, is the data it holds, which will unfortunately become unrecoverable or recoverable at a very high cost, when things go wrong.

The question we ask our clients is “how much is your data worth to you?” An operating system and programmes can easily be re-installed, but when years of hard work, irreplaceable photographs or entire music collections are lost, the majority of people will be very upset to say the least.

“All you can do is to be ready when it does fail by having a copy of all of the files on your hard drive saved away from your computer.“

Gene Barlow, Hard Drive maintenance expert and author of “Backing up your Hard Drive” Fortunately, the advances in Internet technology and improvement on broadband connection, provide s with a number of great solutions which will provide you with the peace-of-mind that all of your data is safely backed up.

An online backup system simply uploads your files to a secure server, where they are stored and remain available until such time as disaster strikes on your computer. Once your hard drive is replaced and the operating system and all programmes have been re-installed, your valuable data can then be downloaded back onto your machine. The online backup software runs in the background and backs up your data either as soon as it changes or at a pre-determined time of day. No interaction is required from the user’s point-of-view.

Electronbox & PC Doctor has teamed up with leading industry software manufacturers to provide you with the most reliable and fully automated online backup solution as possible.

Prices for backup plans are available as follows:

HOME: €50 / year for home owners / machine

BUSINESS: €150/ year for Business users / machine

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