Please note that you are bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Annadave S.L. reserves the right to accept or refuse the provision of its services without notice. The request and start of any job or completion of a purchase will imply that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions of service.


  1. Clients agree not to offer direct or indirect work or job offers to employees of Annadave S.L. otherwise a compensation fee equivalent of €7,000 will be required to be paid to Annadave S.L. for loss of income and other damages.


  1. Our warranty is subject to the proper use of equipment or products according to the instruction manuals and provision of the appropriate purchase receipt, indicating purchase date, type and model.


  1. Any unpacked items under €25 are not returnable, unless defective from day 1 and returned within 7 days from the date of purchase.


  1. Most products have a manufacturer’s warranty and you are required to contact the relevant service centre or manufacturer directly in the first instance. Annadave S.L. cannot accept any responsibility for its replacement or repair. In all other cases where Annadave S.L. will act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the client, Annadave S.L. is not responsible for the return of products.


  1. Products with visual defects or problems have to be returned within 72 hours from the date of purchase or else the warranty will not apply.


  1. Your warranty requires you to deliver the unit to our office and, unless stated, does not include labour fees. Annadave S.L. can pick up and deliver your computer equipment from your premises, however this service will be subject to a call out fee.


  1. It is assumed that you have the legal copies and certificates of authenticity for the installed software on your PC and all work carried out will be done on this basis. You must be in posession of the correct License Key / numbers.


  1. Warranty will be cancelled and invalidated if:

8.1 The purchase receipt or documents have been modified in any way or format.

8.2 There is any modification to the provided hardware.

8.3  The hardware, configuration, software or aspects of the installation have been changed by unauthorized technicians other than those approved by Annadave S.L. or the manufacturer.

8.4 There is physical damage, damage by fire, damage by electrical surge and fluctuations,  any other damage caused by improper use.

8.5 Unlicensed or otherwise pirated software is used.

  1. Any software purchases from Annadave S.L. will be clearly stated on your invoice and you will receive the full software license and details.
  2. In cases where a system re-installation is required, Annadave S.L. can only re-install the software for which you have provided the CDs, certificates and/or legal copies of the required software programs. If you are missing a CD, software will be installed from our back up library on the understanding that you already have a legal copy or license elsewhere.
  3. Data associated with hardware and / or software work is always the responsibility of the customer. We will use best endeavours to preserve data but there can be no guarantee of this.
  4. Software installation has a guarantee of 14 days from the day of installation and is subject to rejection if it is detected that the user has been changing or adjusting the system’s files and settings. The decision of the Annadave S.L. technicians is final.
  5. Any data associated with software work will be handled to the best of our abilities but any anomaly must be advised to us in 24 hours. We will work to the best of our endeavours to solve issues for which we have been advised within that 24 hour period.
  6. Our consultancy fee is charged per hour of work and does not require completion or achievement. Consultancy fees are non-refundable and fully payable without failure from the moment of a call or request for service. All consultancy work is payable within a maximum of `15 days. Consultancy work is advisory and there is no guarantee of success.
  7. The client accepts all responsibility for any consequences arising from any work carried out; past, current and future. We accept no responsibility for consequential loss.
  8. Annadave S.L. does not accept any responsibility for loss of data through hardware and/or software failure. This includes whether a system is being looked at, repaired and / or upgraded or in cases of complete computer equipment purchases. It is advisable to make regular back-ups of your critical data and/or work on removable media. The responsibility for data must always rest with the customer.
  9. All Internet services such as domain name, email address, dial up access, ADSL access, website hosting, etc. are all based on a one year contract and are payable for one year even if this is charged on a monthly basis. If the client wishes to cancel such a service, they remain liable for the payment of the remainder of the one year contract.
  10. Internet installations and repairs are completed on behalf of the client with their service provider. Any charges made are for the work carried out at the time and the client understands that any final adjustment or completion is dependent upon their service provider. In these cases Annadave S.L. merely acts as an intermediary and therefore all charges are consultancy fees and do not include a guarantee.
  11. All items given to Annadave S.L. for repair must be reclaimed within a maximum of 30 days, after which time they will be subjected to a maintenance fee of €2.00 per day. If such items are not claimed within 90 days, in accordance with article 460, 4ª y 1968 of the Civil Code, the client loses ownership of the items. In accordance with article 1600 of the Civil Code, Annadave S.L. reserves the right to hold on to any item/product until all repair and maintenance fees have been paid.


  1. If you do not agree with any items on your bill, you should inform Annadave S.L. in writing within 10 days of the print date of your invoice. If there has been no written communication within 10 days, it is assumed that you have accepted the invoice amount and all details. You are kindly required to pay your invoice within 15 days of the invoice date. The invoice is not proof of payment, unless it is signed as paid or accompanied by another valid proof of payment. If paid in cash, invoices should be signed and stamped by an authorised person. Please note that late payment fees do apply if invoices are not paid within the specified time. Annadave S.L. reserves the right to engage debt collection agencies, legal resources and other resources to recover funds owed to us.
  2. Annadave S.L. reserves the rights to change prices, Terms and Conditions or guarantees without prejudice or prior notice. Our invoice terms are 15 days unless you have a prior agreement with us. Where consultancy services are provided the usual terms are 30% deposit, 40% on production and the final 30% on ready for delivery whether or not the client accepts or is ready for acceptance. Provision of consultancy services does not imply delivering a tangible product.
  3. In case of a dispute and where there is no mutual agreement or settlement, the two parties abide by the decision of the courts of Fuengirola city, who will make a decision based upon the interpretations and mutual obligations of the present Terms and Conditions. All legal documents belonging to Annadave S.L. must be signed and stamped by an authorised person or the company lawyer. Lack of any of the aforementioned pre-requisites will make any document null and void.