Update on our ‘preloved’ laptops…

We currently have some used laptops for sale in the office. Anyone buying a laptop this month will get some free gifts to go with it!

This is what you get if you buy a laptop:
Free data transfer service from your old machine to the laptop, free Bluetooth earphones, free home support for one month, free bottle of wine and a massive 50% off Microsoft Office 2017. The laptop will come with Windows 10 already installed. What a deal. Take a seat in the customer area, and we’ll show you what we have. At the time of writing we have

Apple MacBook air, 11″ screen, super condition, latest ‘El Capitan’ iOS.
HP Pavilion, 15″ screen, good condition, Windows 10, great value.
HP Envy, as-new, 15.6″ screen, silver, hardly used.
Lenovo Thinkpad, 14″ screen, business laptop, very good, no frills workhorse.